Rugged Land Rover Defenders Converted Into Luxury Cars by Vilner

Despite the fact that there used to be a time when Land Rover only made rugged off-roaders, now we have the Evoque, and the brand image has changed a lot. You may wonder what would happen if you mixed the muscular body of a rugged off-roader and a party tuxedo. Well, now you can see what would happen, because the tuning specialists Vilner did this and released a new kit for Land Rover Defender.

These two Defenders were commissioned by a rich Russian businessman who wanted a bit more luxury with his Defender, but considering the Land Rover Defender isn’t the most sophisticated 4×4 on the market to begin with, the Bulgarians from Vilner had to set about completely transforming the interior by stripping it all out and starting again.

Coming with a significantly improved and more luxurious interior, the Vilner Land Rover Defender has a new face. It also gets a comprehensive in-car entertainment package and sound insulation.

The Bulgarian aftermarket off-road specialist Vilner fitted the cabins of the vehicle with as much luxury as they could think of. There’s more nappa leather and Alcantara here than in the whole Sema show, but it’s all done with taste and posh class. The brown-black color combination is take to the dashboard, the seats, the gages and even the spare wheel.

Of course, this isn’t the only upgrade because Vilner wanted to go even further and, in order to ensure passengers in the Vilner Defender never become bored, the special creation features a new 600-watt in-car entertainment system consisting of two LCD screens – one in the dash centre fascia and another 15-inch drop-down screen for rear-seat passengers. Beside this, other features include ambient lighting throughout the interior, intricate LED lighting incorporated into the instruments and control settings.

Also the exterior got some changes. It is now fitted with various trimming revisions, xenon HID headlights, special spotlights for night hunting and discrete black-painted checker-plate on top of the front guards.

Considering that these two Defenders were commissioned by a customer, Vilner hasn’t provided specific pricing details for the kit.

Source: CarAdvice

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