Scoop: Ferrari to produce 6 new models

This is hot from the scoop oven. Ferrari disclosed today that they will be producing 6 new models through 2013 as Fiat executes its restructuring plans. In the pipeline are a more hyper variant of the Enzo and a more aggressive 458.

The first one that we can expect to drool at will be the Spider open top version of the 458 that should roll out by 2011. Also on the drawing boards for the next calendar year will be the top of the line 612 Scaglietti sporting a V12 powerplant. This new version of the Scaglietti will also be the source of DNA for the first every hybrid of Ferrari.

Ferrari unveiled a hybrid 599 during the motor show in Geneva but life can be easier if the Scaglietti 612 will be the one to give way for the production of a hybrid vehicle from the Italian stable. Insiders hint that the technology that will be used will not be similar to the KERS system used by the Formula 1 cars as was first assumed.

The new 612 on development goes by the code of F151 but the official name when it goes to the production line has not been revealed yet.

By 2012, Ferrari is looking forward to offer the new halo Enzo supercar. Only 400 Enzos were made from 2002 to 2004 and the new version of the hypercar will most likely depend on a twin turbo direct injected V8 or a twin turbo direct injected V6 as reported by auto enthusiasts back in 2008.

The new Enzo will also be the first Ferrari to make use of their next gen aerodynamic technology. This includes the active aerodynamics which pups out air through the car’s body to influence the dynamics under and over the skin.

The F152 or the next version 599 GTB Fiorano is also expected to come by 2012.

The California will also be refreshed by 2013. The development is running on a good phase under the code California M in the Ferrari stable. The new Ferrari model unveiled today, and is expected to hit the market by 2013,  is the hardcore 458 variant that will take the Scuderia tag of the 430.

Ferrari will not be producing 4 standard models so its range will remain as the California, 612, 599, and the 458. The Enzo has a special model sticker and is not considered part of the standard Ferrari range.

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