Seat Ibiza SC Trophy upgraded to 200 HP

Seat has decided to increase the output of the 2013 Ibiza SC Trophy which will be presented at Worthersee 2013 later this month.

The power would come from the same 1.4-liter turbocharged TSI engine but instead of last year’s output of 180 HP (132 kW), the model will now be able to generate 200 HP (147 kW). The engine is linked to a seven-speed DSG operated from the steering wheel and it also comes with a mechanical differential lock.

The 2013 Ibiza SC Trophy comes fitted with 18-inch racing wheels and features a modified oil sump, uprated braking system, stripped out interior cabin and a roll cage. The pricing has been kept the same as before at 31,500 EUR, excluding VAT charges.

Though the output increase may not be very high but still the model will be able to touch the 200 HP mark with the same engine and is certainly not a bad move.

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