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Spoon readies some performance upgrades for the Honda CR-Z Coupe

Japanese tuning firms have their eyes set on the Honda CR-Z and how they can tweak the sports coupe with a hybrid drive train. Mugen recently announced that it will be launching some performance and styling kit for the CR-Z. Spoon does not want to lag behind and has revealed its own array of pimping for the Honda CR-Z.

The tuning firm revealed via its blog that they are designing a new suspension system to lower the ride height of the Honda coupe. They are also working on a new high-performance grade brake set up from Nisin. A new exhaust system is also in the works.

The blog post also gives a hint of a power upgrade but details were not yet revealed. For now we can expect some aerodynamic kits, alloy rims, and interior upgrades from Spoon.

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