Spy’s Hottest Automatic Hyundai Grand i10 sedan Car is coming to India On 2014

India’s Largest Motor Company Hyundai Motors makes a gear up to launch his new Grand i10 Sedan on February, 2014. Some popular motors like Tata, Ford, Maruthi and Hyundai are having a worthy competition between them in launching new automated car.

Last Hyundai launched Hyundai Amaze was not able to overcome Swift Dzire sales number. But, Sure Hyundai Grand i10 Sedan compact car will reach it this year.

We are sure Hyundai Grand i10 sedans will give a tough competition to many countries in compact sedan markets. Compare to Swift Dizre and Hyundai hatchback. This sedan had high excellent features like high mileage (kmpl) in highway and city. But Hyundai grand i10 sedan will have a similar interiors design like Hyundai hatchback that means high quality of button switches are used as same as hatchback .

We can expect the prize range of Sedan from Rs.6.0 lakh to Rs.8.7 lakh. As Hyundai had got the best “India Car of the year “award this year we can expect the same for next year for this compact sedan Car.

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