SsangYong e-XIV concept unveiled

The Ssangyong e-XIV, the next-generation and Eco-friendly automobile concept that has been unveiled in the Paris Motor Show, representing the South Korean manufacturer’s advancements in design and technology.The car is robust and stylish in nature, and the Electric CUV concept adds an extension to its ranges which is expected globally to be a very competitive model.

The e-XIV features a crossover design with a combination of SUV and sports coupe styling that is suitable for both active driving in the country and short distance motoring around the city.

There is this roof-mounted solar panel, which converts solar energy into electricity, to power the car’s air conditioning, audio systems and internal lighting system, drivers can also select their preferred method of driving by activating the car’s VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) via a smart phone or a remote control.

The Drivetrain:

The Ssangyong e-XIV consists of a 16kWh lithium-ion battery to drive an 80kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) electric motor, giving the concept a pure-electric range of approximately 80km, and as the battery discharges, a 1.0-litre two-cylinder petrol engine comes into action by supplying an additional power via the 20kW generator to top it up, giving the e-XIV a total range of upto 600km, emitting just 45g/km of CO2. A fully empty battery takes four hours to recharge from a standard wall socket or just 20 minutes using a fast charger.

Designers at Ssangyong says, that the e-XIV concept was designed under its ‘Robust Aesthetics’ approach, which was compiled with the styling keys of inner elements, with ‘Inner Dynamic and Subtle Tension’ to create a vehicle with a confident, elegant and contemporary appearance.

The cabin is equally futuristic, sporting an array of touchscreens and graphic displays, and an attractive mix of colours and materials ranging from plastic and leather to high-class metals and lightweight carbonfibre. The four-seat layout is designed to maximize comfort and privacy for each passenger. The instrument cluster sports dynamic graphics, and enables active communication between the car and driver by displaying necessary information on the centre fascia. The e-XIV also combines the ‘Auto User Interface’ of the previously shown XIV1 and XIV2 concepts, to offer a new direction for the car as a moving communication space by combining the latest IT developments in automobiles and personal smart devices.

Take a look at the Pictures, until then we sill soon be posting new updates on this concept e-XIV from Ssangyong, which would cover much more details of the car, stay tuned onto SpeedLux.

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