Daimler to pay $2.2 billion in diesel emissions cheating settlements in the U.S.

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German automaker Daimler AG will pay $2.2 billion to resolve a U.S. government diesel emissions cheating investigation and claims from 250,000 U.S. vehicle owners, according to court documents. The automaker and its Mercedes-Benz USA LLC unit revealed on August 13 it had reached a settlement in principle resolving civil and environmental claims associated with 250,000 […]

Daimler risks fine as German prosecutors start new investigation

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German prosecutors have started an investigation into Daimler for allegedly failing to avoid diesel emissions cheating, possibly resulting in a fine for the automaker, as its legal woes mount up over the affair. German automakers, among the worldwide leaders in diesel technology, have been caught in the crosshairs of courts and regulators across the world […]

Daimler alleged of selling more than one million cars with excess emissions

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Daimler has been been alleged of selling more than a million cars with excessive emissions in Europe and the United States, Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper stated, mentioning a search warrant issued by a Stuttgart court. Two months earlier Stuttgart prosecutors investigated Daimler sites in Germany following accusations of false marketing and the probable wrongful manipulation of […]

U.S. judge lets investor diesel lawsuit against Daimler proceed

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A federal judge in California will permit a U.S. investor class action lawsuit against German automaker Daimler and a number of senior executives to continue over accusations the company did not disclose excess emissions. The automaker faces ongoing investigations by U.S. and German authorities into excess diesel emissions. Last month, German prosecutors browsed Daimler’s workplaces […]

Stuttgart prosecutor investigates Bosch connection with Daimler diesel emissions


German prosecutors examining whether Daimler manipulated emission tests on its diesel vehicles have connection with auto components provider Bosch, in the supposed fraud, it was confirmed on Friday. “There is an investigation into aiding and abetting fraud,” a representative for the Stuttgart prosecutor stated about Bosch, following a media report released on Thursday. The new […]

Daimler says diesel emissions investigation could result in penalties, recalls

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Daimler on Wednesday repeated that recent actions by United States authorities to examine diesel emissions pollution and so-called auxiliary emission control devices might cause substantial penalties and vehicle recalls. Numerous federal and state authorities, consisting of the U.S. Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with Stuttgart prosecutor in Germany are investigating the […]