Hyundai and Kia Motors to keep Chinese plant idled until February 16

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Hyundai Motor and affiliate Kia Motors plan to resume production at their Chinese factories on February 17, a representative said on Friday. They suspended Chinese production because of the coronavirus outbreak. The five-plant network of Hyundai is capable of making 1.4 million vehicles per year, in a coastal location facilitating importing components and exporting vehicles […]

Hyundai is thinking about a plant in Southeast Asia following China setback

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Hyundai Motor stated it is thinking about constructing an automobile plant in Southeast Asia with Indonesia and Vietnam possible places – part of efforts to diversify after a sales downturn in China. The automaker does not have an automobile manufacturing factory in Southeast Asia, although it has some pure assembly operations in Indonesia and Vietnam […]

Hyundai Motor to will continue China joint venture with BAIC

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South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor stated on Friday it will carry on its Chinese joint venture with BAIC Motor, brushing off investor concerns about soured relationships between the partners. China’s state-run Global Times newspaper has reported BAIC may risk losing the joint venture if disagreements over suppliers were not resolved, pointing out an industry insider. […]

Hyundai China Joint Venture is dealing with “severe market challenges”

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The China joint venture of Hyundai Motor is dealing with extreme difficulties due to a complex political, financial and competitive environment, its chairman stated on Wednesday, admidst of a political stand-off in between China and South Korea. The automaker has seen its sales struck in the nation and has dramatically cut production amid anti-Korean sentiment […]

South Korean companies in China hit by troubles impacting workers and suppliers

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South Korean companies in China have been smashed by Beijing’s upset reaction to Seoul’s decision to deploy a U.S. anti-missile system, however the boycotts and regulatory pressure on companies like Hyundai and Lotte are rebounding on their Chinese employees and providers. South Korean companies are a significant employer in China, with firms such as Hyundai, […]

Import Dealers Are Facing Problem In China; Hyundai to support troubled dealers

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Korean cars are losing their familiarity in China. People are buying cars, which are produced in China, thus foreign brands are losing their market. Sales are in declining rate. Especially, Hyundai motor group is facing trouble in China. 30 dealers across China are involving in protest against Hyundai. This is because they are not taking […]