Nissan’s car of the future can read your brain

New Nissan Leaf EV Japan 2017

Nissan takes a different approach in autonomous car world The world’s biggest automakers and technology companies are investing billions of dollars to perfect the ability to drive without thinking. Nissan Motor is taking a different direction– aiming to translate your thinking so hands-on driving is more enjoyable. The automaker will reveal and evaluate its “brain-to-vehicle” […]

Lamborghini aims to get a share of the market with first SUV

Lamborghini Urus revealed on December 2017

Lamborghini revealed its first sport-utility vehicle (SUV) on Monday, as the Volkswagen-owned luxury sportscar brand aims to obtain a share of a fast-growing market. Produced at its Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters located in Italy, Lamborghini thinks the model could double its yearly sales volumes, which stood at 3,457 in 2016. Called the Urus, which connects to […]

Detroit Three’s won’t be the leaders of North American auto output this year: IHS

Detroit Three automakers, General Motors, Ford Motor, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

North American vehicle manufacturing by the unionized Detroit Three automakers will fall back the combined North American output of Tesla Inc and automakers from Europe and Asia for the first time this year, IHS Markit projected on Wednesday. This year, the Detroit Three could build 8.6 million vehicles in the North America, where as Tesla […]

Companies think of turning car dashboards into ‘virtual cockpits’

Visteon Corp

Peer at the cockpit console on your new car and you may discover streamlined digital gauges and multicolored screens. But a look behind the dashboard could unveil exactly what U.S. vehicle supplier Visteon Corp discovered: a mess. As automotive cockpits become crammed with ever more digital functions such as navigation and entertainment systems, the electronics […]