Nissan to use high-tech production system amid pressure to cut costs

2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO

Nissan Motor is bringing a new, higher-tech production system worldwide to try to increase efficiency as it looks to reverse a slide in profitability. The upgraded equipment and other technologies, which consist of increased automation for applying sealant and installing powertrains, will be presented starting with Nissan’s Tochigi factory from 2020 at a cost of […]

Nissan Developing Ethanol Based Cars, Would 300 Km on a Single Fill

Nissan Motor logo

Nissan is set to attain an advancement in automobile sector by establishing fuel-cell technology to power cars utilizing plant-based ethanol which might be introduced in time for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics. The automaker stated its experimental innovation would let cars drive more than 600 kilometres (375 miles) on a single fill, comparable to gasoline-powered vehicles. Fuel […]