Volkswagen Faces Criminal Charges Over Emission Scandal in Luxembourg

Luxembourg images

Criminal proceedings have been initiated by Luxembourg over Volkswagen for the diesel emission scandal. Even after 17 months the automaker continues struggle to overcome the damages caused. On Monday the European Union country said they were set to take legal action against people involved in the production of EA 189 engines made by Volkswagen Audi. […]

Volkswagen’s Audi selects Peter Mertens as new R&D chief

Peter Mertens

Audi has selected the research and development (R&D) chief of Swedish automaker Volvo as its new head of technical development, filling a crucial post as the Volkswagen-owned brand faces the fallout from the company’s emissions scandal. Peter Mertens, senior vice president for R&D at Volvo Car Corporation who formerly held senior positions at General Motors […]