U.S. judge narrows SEC emissions lawsuit against Volkswagen

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A U.S. judge on Thursday turned down portions of a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit alleging Volkswagen AG of defrauding American investors in association with the automaker’s diesel emissions scandal. U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer in San Francisco granted VW’s motion to reject claims it misled investors when releasing more than $13 billion […]

Volkswagen settles lawsuit with most of the VZBV related claimants

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Volkswagen has reached settlements with 200,000 of the 260,000 claimants taking part in a class action lawsuit brought by German consumer group VZBV over the automaker’s misleading diesel emissions tests, the automaker said on Monday. A further 21,000 cases were still being evaluated for possible payouts of 1,350 – 6,250 euros ($1,464.35 – $6,779.38) per […]

Volkswagen offers 830 million euros to compensate German consumers

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Volkswagen stated it will compensate owners of its heavily polluting diesel automobiles in Germany in a settlement that will cost automaker 830 million euros ($900 million). In 2015 VW admitted that they were using manipulated engine management software to evade excessive pollution levels in its diesel cars, resulting in series of prosecutions and lawsuits. The […]

Volkswagen rejects anti-competitive allegation by Prevent

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Volkswagen on Tuesday rejected allegations of being anti-competitive after parts supplier Prevent Group took legal action against the automaker in the U.S. District Court in Detroit. The lawsuit states that Volkswagen had extracted written agreements from providers not to sell to Prevent, which amounted to anti-competitive behavior. “This suit is entirely unfounded. We will vigorously […]

Judge questions SEC on delay in filing Volkswagen civil suit

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A federal judge on Friday asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on the timing of its civil suit submitted in March alleging Volkswagen AG of defrauding investors and demanded the agency describe its rationale. Volkswagen was caught using illegal software to evade U.S. pollution tests in 2015, causing a global backlash against diesel vehicles […]

Volkswagen Faces Lawsuit For Selling Prototypes Unfit For The Road

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A lawsuit filed by three car purchasers last month in Federal District Court in Alexandria, Va., alleged the Volkswagen of defrauding consumers by selling early prototypes not certified for sale by regulators. The suit contends that the automaker concealed such details from dealers and customers. The case is based in part on internal emails that […]

Court rejects second investor group action against VW and Porsche

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A German court on Wednesday stated it won’t permit a second investor group action against Volkswagen and Porsche, for allegedly failing to tell investors about the Diesel scandal in 2015. Investors have brought multiple cases against both automakers in the southern city of Stuttgart, arguing that the automakers should have issued adhoc-statements previously to inform […]

Volkswagen strikes deal with Broadcom to settle a patent lawsuit

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Germany’s Volkswagen has struck a deal with U.S. semiconductor maker Broadcom to end a billion-dollar patent lawsuit that pitted the automaker against its provider, a source near to Volkswagen informed Reuters on Wednesday. The companies signed an out-of-court settlement, the source stated, including that a court hearing scheduled for Friday had now been canceled. Volkswagen […]