October 22, 2020

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    Volkswagen shareholder not supporting reelection of Wolfgang Porsche to board

    A major Volkswagen shareholder is prompting investors to vote against the reelection of Wolfgang Porsche as a member of the automaker’s supervisory board at its annual general meeting (AGM), a German newspaper noted on Sunday. The shareholder, Christian Strenger, alleged Porsche of “ongoing conflicts of interests” as he is also chairman of the board of […]

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    Volkswagen board has not talked about asset sales

    Volkswagen‘s supervisory board has not talked about the sale of parts of the automaker’s business up until now, board member Wolfgang Porsche informed German publication Der Spiegel, adding he saw no need to do for now. “I do not see any requirement to divest parts of the group,” the magazine mentioned Porsche as saying in […]

    Wolkfgang Porsche

    Porsche-Piech clan to stay out of Volkswagen management: Wolfgang Porsche

    Members of the Porsche-Piech clan that manages Volkswagen will not be qualified to serve as executives of the automaker, Porsche Automobil Holding SE Chairman Wolfgang Porsche informed. “That no member of the family is active in the operating company must apply to Porsche SE and the entire Volkswagen group,” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung quoted him. His […]

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    Piech, Porsche families say united behind Volkswagen management

    The Piech and Porsche families that manage over 52 percent of Volkswagen have sworn to back senior management, reserving previous disputes as the automakers struggles to get rid of an emissions scandal, Der Spiegel reported. During an interview, Hans Michel Piech and Wolfgang Porsche pledged assistance for Volkswagen chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch and CEO Matthias […]


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