Tesla going to recall 2,700 Model X SUVs due to defective locking hinge in the third-row seats

Telsa Model X images

Tesla Motors Inc is going to recall 2,700 Model X sport utility automobiles in the United States because of a defective locking hinge in the third-row seats that enhances the danger the seats might fall forward in a crash, the electric automobile maker stated on Monday.

It said the recall influences all Model X SUVs constructed before March 26, 2016. It is the very first recall for the Model X since the time when Tesla began deliveries of the luxurious electric SUV in September.

The company stated it was recalling the Model Xs after the seats failed a stamina test in the European Union. Tesla had previously carried out 15 tests in the United States where the seats passed. The EU test was different and more rigid, the company stated.

Tesla said it was releasing the recall in an abundance of care in the United States although it was not mandated to do so. The Model X has not yet been provided to European clients.

The firm’s shares were down 0.2 percent at $249.52 on Monday afternoon. The stock had climbed 77 percent since a February low, obvious thanks goes to the Model 3 revealing.

Tesla will start informing customers of the recall. The repair work, which will change both third-row seats, will take about 2 hours. The procedure to repair all recalled vehicles will take about five weeks, Jon McNeil informed reporters on a conference call.

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