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Tesla Model S Once Again Declared the Most-Loved Car in USA

In the United States, for the 2nd time in 3 years, the Tesla Model S has been voted the “Most Loved Model”. The electrical sedan achieved a Consumer Love Index (CLI) of 652 from a possible 1000, which simply put it in first place; the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan achieved the next-highest index, with a score of 583.

In case you’ve never ever heard of this award previously, the CLI was made by brand consulting firm Strategic Vision, and determines the quantity of love purchasers experience with their brand-new vehicles. The San Diego, California-based company surveyed owners of automobiles offered on the market between October 2015 and July 2016, and compiled information from over 120 different elements of the ownership experience, ranging from interior door handles to taillight style to performance. Owners grade each aspect on a scale from “7– I Love It” to “1– I Hate It”.

The Model S triumphing isn’t a big surprise. Owners of the electric high-end sedan are notoriously fanatical about their vehicle and the brand. It’s this passion that helped it capture this classification in the index’s inaugural award in 2014; Tesla would have duplicated its success the following year, but because of sampling reasons, Strategic Visions could not include it in the 2015 CLI. So the brand headed out of its way to make sure enough owners were surveyed to keep it in the running for 2016.

Why is the Tesla Model S so prevalent even in its fourth year in the market? Compared to other high-end models, Model S owners are better with their automobile’s velocity from stop, technical developments, and electronic displays, describes Alexander Edwards, President of Strategic Vision.

“It’s an performance car first, and an environmentally-friendly electrical vehicle second,” states Edwards, and that’s exactly what sets it apart from other EVs and alternative powertrain automobiles on the market.

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