Toyota to allow employees work from home

Toyota Motor prepares to present a telecommute program as early as August to enable approximately 25,000 career-track staff members work at the office as little as two hours a week.

The detailed program will target employees at Toyota’s head office here who deal with office operate in such fields as personnels, accounting and sales, along with workers taking part in R&D and other engineering jobs. Specific credentials that workers get after working for the business for 5 years or two will be required to qualify for the program. Toyota had roughly 72,000 employees on its parent-only payroll by March.

In addition to permitting staff members to deal with PCs from house to manage clerical jobs, the program will enable salesmen to cut down on travel between the office and consumers. Toyota sees the possibility of several hundred workers operating from home on any day.

To avoid data leaks stemming from the theft or loss of PCs, the automaker will obtain a large number of PCs that can just function as customer terminals to a cloud computing system, making sure no data is left when users sign out.

The large number of employees covered and that they can decide to spend the majority of their work hours outside the office makes the program extremely special. The leading Japanese automaker hopes this flexible work system will help it keep competent and skilled employees, given that it will allow male employees to spend more time raising children and assist female employees continue working after marrying or pregnancy.

Toyota further hopes the program will deal with the growing issue of workers stopping out of the requirement to take care of elderly parents. A study by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications reveals that around 100,000 people are giving up or changing jobs each year to care for member of the family. The figure might increase further as an enhancing variety of child boomers likely will find themselves requiring care.

Another study by the ministry reveals that the proportion of Japanese firms with some form of telecommuting plan shot up from 2% at the end of 2000 to 11.5% by the completion of 2014.

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