U.S. regulators approve Volkswagen diesel repair for 84,000 vehicles

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board announced approval of a repair for about 84,000 older Volkswagen diesel automobiles that can produce excess emissions.

Volkswagen, the world’s largest car manufacturer, agreed in 2015 to provide to buy back approximately 475,000 2.0-liter diesel vehicles that had been sold in the United States or offer repairs if regulators approved.

Friday’s statement covers a repair for 84,390 2012-2014 Passat diesel automobiles with automatic transmissions. A repair for automobiles with manual transmissions has not yet been authorized.

In January, regulators approved a repair for 67,000 2015 design diesels, leaving around 325,000 older vehicles still waiting for approval for a repair.

Volkswagen spokesperson Jeannine Ginivan stated the automaker is pleased that it has received regulatory approval for the fixes.

California Air Resources Board executive officer Richard Corey stated the approval “is another crucial step in efforts to fix the environmental damage triggered by these vehicles.”

EPA validated its approval in a letter published on its website on Friday.

Until regulators authorized a repair in January, the automaker had actually been barred by authorities from selling 12,000 new 2015 diesel Golf, Beetle and Passat cars following the German car manufacturer confession to use secret software to go beyond emission limits for 6 years.

In April, the automaker resumed selling those 2015 diesel vehicles in the United States and said they represented for almost 12 percent of its April sales.

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  1. Marina Marlose says:

    Wow, this really a great news to hear. This will add a few step ahead for the environment pollution control. I also diesel repaired my Volvo truck at Delta Diesel Repair and it is showing less pollution and also increased my fuel economy. And I appreciate the work of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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