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Uber driver jumps from car to escape attack at knife-point

A Nashville-based Uber driver is making a recovery she jumped from her moving car to escape an attack. The accused attacker is now in jail.

Last week, Carolina Vargas got in her vehicle for an Uber ride. She said she picked up Christopher Miller and drove him from Nashville to Cleveland.

“He was a family guy, he could be my dad, my grandpa, like normal. I didn’t feel any fear at all,” Vargas said.

Vargas agreed to drive him back to Nashville last Friday. On the return trip, she stated he pulled out a knife and forced her to drive to Georgia.

“I knew he wanted to hurt me. I knew it because I felt the pain, I felt pinched, I felt fear,” Vargas added.

When they reached to Cohutta, Vargas made a split-second decision to jump from the vehicle.

“I knew if I got to where he wanted me to be, I wasn’t going to escape, that was my only chance,” Vargas said.

Bruised and bloody, she waited for help on the highway. Cohutta Police responded to the scene.

“This is a surprising case, it’s something that you hear about a lot, but in a small town you don’t see it a lot,” said Police Chief Greg Fowler.

Vargas’s car was recovered in Cleveland and police in Jacksonville, Florida arrested Miller on Monday.

When Vargas heard the news she breathed her first sigh of relief.

“Last night was the first night I felt like I was able to sleep in peace,” she said.

Now, she hopes to share her story and help other women deal with the fear.

“I went through it and we all can share our story and together we’re strong,” she said.

Chief Fowler told Channel 3 he will eventually be extradited to Whitfield County. The sheriff’s office there will take the lead in the probe. 

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