Volkswagen may use Ford’s plants in U.S. for building cars

Volkswagen and Ford

Volkswagen‘s chief executive stated on Tuesday following a meeting at the White House that the German automaker was making an alliance with Ford Motor and might use the U.S. automaker’s capacity to build cars.

VW CEO Herbert Diess stated the company was further “considering building a second car plant” in the United States, adding, “We are in quite advanced negotiations and dialog with Ford Corporation to really build up a global automotive alliance, which also would strengthen the American automotive industry.”

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr informed reporters at an event near Detroit on Tuesday that discussions with Volkswagen about an alliance are going “very well”.

Asked about Diess’ remarks that VW could use some of Ford’s unused capacity for car production, Bill Ford stated the automakers “haven’t gotten that granular in our talks yet”.

He said he did not want to discuss much about a VW alliance until the automaker had “a lot of definitive things to talk about”.

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