Volkswagen plant in Germany increases production stop

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Volkswagen stated it will stop production at one of its most significant auto-making factories located in Germany on more days than previously planned because of diminishing demand for the Passat saloon and estate models.

Production of the Passat at automaker’s northern German plant located in Emden will be halted on February 16-17 and February 21, a representative stated.

Volkswagen stated recently it will close down the Emden plant which employs about 9,000 individuals for 8 days in between January 25 and February 3 and on February 20, he stated.

“We are having issues in England, Turkey and Russia,” the spokesperson stated. “Demand for the Passat is decreasing, we can not rule out further shutdowns till Easter. No one knows how the world will develop.”

German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur noted the production stop previously on Tuesday.

The plant in Emden was impacted by disruptions last summer when providers stopped parts deliveries to over half of Volkswagen’s German factories over a contract disagreement.

The factory, adjacent to among Europe’s largest automobile transshipment ports, is especially exposed to deteriorating demand for the Passat because it stopped making the CC saloon in October and has not yet used up assembly of Volks’s brand-new Arteon model.

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