Volvo affirms three-cylinder engine lineup for 2016

Volvo has affirmed another three-cylinder motor reach that will go into production before the end of this decade.

Volvo’s worldwide powertrain supervisor, Derek Crabb, has affirmed the data, declining to say what number of variations would be fabricated. The initial 3-cylinder unit will be a petrol one and will be accessible by 2016.

He said the 1.5-liter turbocharged motors will be presented for the S60 and V60 family and in the fair size Suvs. The units could likewise turn into a key piece of future half and half drivetrains and are relied upon to wind up standard in the early years of the one decade from now.

“I see it being conceivable in S60 yet not higher. It’s not made arrangements for the higher XC autos right now. It’s not the force. It’s more to do with the torque”.

Crabb has additionally uncovered that power overhauls for the Drive-E four-barrel lineup are made arrangements for every motor in every 2 years.

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