Volvo S100 flagship model will be a stretched next-gen S80

Volvo and Geely bosses have finally agreed to develop an S100 flagship model, after a series of disputes and arguments on whether such a model would be feasible.

The new model is considered to be competing with likes of modes like BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8 and will ride on an enlarged platform of the next-gen S80. It will be manufactured at Volvo’s new factory in Chengdu and at this moment there is no clarity as to whether Geely and Volvo will sell the car elsewhere.

Topping the Volvo’s range, the S100 will be a more luxurious and bigger model and even larger than the China-produced S80L. But it is obvious that better luxury and improved comfort comes with a price and so it is expected to carry a considerably higher price tag than the current range-topping model. However there is no detail available as of now as to what the final price would be of this flagship S100.

Though it will be hard to drive customers away from the German trio but Geely-owned Volvo may attract a new clientele who wants something fresh and different and better from what has been already offered earlier.

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