Volvo’s plans to introduce its first self-driving car in only 4 years

Volvo Cars

Volvo prepares to present its first self-driving in just 4 years, and the automaker asserts it’s going to be way advanced than exactly what other automakers will need to offer.

“The thing that is special is that we are truly aiming to deploy the technology in reality. And when I state that, I indicate self-driving cars that enable motorists to do something else behind the guiding wheel,” Erik Coelingh, Senior Technical Leader for Safety and Driver Support Technologies, informed Tech Expert.

That means the automaker’s first self-driving automobile will not require a human to supervise it at all while the vehicle remains in control. The driver will have the ability to do another activity while the automobile does all the driving. Exactly what’s more, it will be designed to deal with simply about any circumstance.

Currently, there are a couple of automakers that offer vehicles with semi-autonomous systems, meaning the automobiles can drive autonomously under certain situations. Nevertheless, all cars with self-driving features today still require a human to monitor the driving in case they require to intervene to avoid a mishap.

Tesla’s Autopilot function, for example, enables its automobiles to drive autonomously on the highway where there are clear markings on the roadway. The driver, however, have to still focus in case there’s a situation the vehicle does not understand ways to deal with.

Volvo prepares to roll out a system just like Autopilot in 2017, but by 2020 Coelingh spokened Volvo’s self-driving innovation will be so advanced that no supervision will be required, and the driver can rather do something else while behind the wheel.

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