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VW Tiguan to Enter Production Next Year

If you are, by chance, waiting for the next generation Volkswagen Tiguan to come out, you are in for a treat. The German marquee has confirmed its plan to start production of the vehicle next year. The company plans to manufacture a 2nd generation variant of the model with three seating rows and the production is set to take place in Mexico.

This means that recent rumors indicating the upcoming Tiguan from Volkswagen will be seating seven passengers altogether are true, after all. In order to get the production of this 7-seater model going, Volkswagen has reportedly invested no less than $1 billion to modernize and expand the production plant in Mexico. Just for information, the company is also going to manufacture the 7th generation Golf at this Mexican plant.

According to reports, there will be approximately 2,000 employees assigned at manufacturing the upcoming 7-seater 2nd generation Volkswagen Tiguan. It turns out the German automaker wants to produce no less than 500 examples of the model each day and start selling it in the South and North American markets by the year 2017. For that to happen, however, the German company will have to expand its Volkswagen de Mexico’s Puebla plant by some 90,000 square meters.

Speaking of the VW Tiguan, there are also reports that indicate the Euro-Spec variant of the model is going to hit the stage of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, which will kick off in September this year. In addition to that, John White, the managing director of the Volkswagen Australia, has also made clear that the vehicle will go through a total redesign and that it is going to sport a phenomenal look. Last but not least, there are also rumors indicating that there will be a 5-seater variant of the model. It is said that this variant will borrow plenty of its styling cues from the VW Cross Coupe GTE Concept and will look sporty.

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