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woman steals mail truck in Brooklyn, NYC and crashes

Woman steals mail truck then crashes into more than 10 cars in NYC

A woman is in custody after allegedly stealing a mail truck in Brooklyn, New York City, and crashing it into at least 10 parked cars Friday night.

Video of the car carnage reveals the driver repeatedly accelerating and reversing into the automobiles around her — including a police car — as she’s surrounded by screaming NYPD officers.

The postal panic started right after 6 p.m. on Fulton Street and Patchen Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, police sources say.

That’s where a 21-year-old woman got control of an unoccupied Postal Service truck and took it on a reckless joyride that lasted seven blocks, sources said.

When the mail truck gave out at Fulton and Troop Avenue, she attempted to flee on foot but was quickly taken into custody.

Surprisingly, no one was harmed in the suspect’s terrifying express ride, but over 10 parked cars were damaged.

Charges are pending against the woman, and her identity has not been revealed.

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