World’s most advanced car — the new Mercedes E Class — goes on sale in Australia

new Mercedes E Class images

It can steer itself for approximately 60 seconds, change lanes at push of a button, and the dashboard has a 25-inch wide-screen with the exact same resolution as an Apple iPad.

There is simply one catch: the brand-new Mercedes-Benz E Class starts at $90,000.

However the technology is anticipated to drip down to more budget-friendly designs.

The hi-tech sedan will likewise trigger “white noise” inside the cabin moments before a crash, to avoid damage to eardrums when air bags deploy.

new Mercedes E Class images

It can prevent crashing into the automobile in front– from 100km/h– if the motorist is not taking note, by knocking on the brakes at the last minutes.

If the vehicle senses it will be hit from behind, it will flash the brake lights in the hope it may notify the driver of the inbound car.

Eighty-four small LEDs in each headlight suggest the high beams can be engaged without spectacular oncoming traffic– since they blank out the particular location around other automobiles as they approach.

If the automobile gets caught in a crosswind, it will instantly dab the brakes– separately, and on either side of the vehicle– to keep it in the lane.

In a side effect, the front seats pivot a little inboard to move the passengers away from the door.

Shutters behind the grille will close in cool conditions at freeway speeds to enhance aerodynamic effectiveness and trim fuel intake.

In spite of being as huge as a Holden Commodore, the gas model drinks the very same quantity of fuel as a Toyota Yaris hatchback and the diesel is nearly as economical as a Toyota Prius.

Numerous new high-end vehicles nowadays are offered with heated and cooled seats.

However, Mercedes has cranked up the opulence by including heated arm rests in the doors and a heated center console cover to its list of options.

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