10 Reliable & Tested Ways to Boost Your Automotive Business

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Looking for efficient business plans and ideas to boost your automotive business? Check out these 10 reliable, tested and highly successful ways to boost your business revenue.

In today’s ultra-competitive era, every business organization around the sphere is striving hard to strengthen their brand value, improve sales, develop sure shot customer engagement plans and boost their revenue. This is where; well-planned and rightly implemented marketing strategies have a vital role to play.

It is more than a necessity for any business enterprise to reach new potential customers and maintain a healthy relationship with its existing customers. However, it has been generally seen that most of the businesses fail when it comes to marketing and advertising strategies.

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When it comes to boost your automobile business; car dealership, service center, body repair and paint shop, accessories or spare part dealership, and/or car wash business, it is very important to have a solid marketing and advertising plan. You shouldn’t wait to start seeing your business revenue drop and your competitors over-shadow your business firm.

Here are 10 reliable, tested and successful ways to boost your automotive business revenue-

# 1
Mark your Web Presence

In today’s internet era, any business marketing or advertising plan is incomplete without an online presence. If you want people to know about your automotive business firm, establish and optimize your web presence with the help of an expert. Studies confirm that most of the people looking for car buying, repair or customization start their search from online platforms. And remember, social media is one of the most efficient platforms to attract new customers and maintain healthy relationships with your existing customers.

# 2

It is very important to develop a strong network of known people around your business area. Take quality time out to develop relationships with other businesses in the automobile segment.  If you run a car service, repair or customization center, do let local car dealerships know about your services. Build a strategic partnership with local car dealers and their sales representatives. Word of mouth referrals can really boost your car customization business. Build as many connections as you can.

# 3

Referrals, incentives and freebies never go wrong. Your existing customer base isn’t going to recommend your name to others if you don’t treat them nicely. And poor service anyway will spoil everything. However, sometimes even the best services also don’t ensure miracles and recognition. Pass on freebies and let your customers know about referral schemes and benefits when they recommend your name to their friends, family and colleagues. Connect to your customers on social media platforms and request them to always recommend your name in their network.

# 4

Try your best to have collaborations with other businesses in the automotive sector. If you run a car repair or paint business, look for developing collaboration with a car accessory shop. Similarly, you can have tie-ups with insurance companies, who will recommend your businesses’ name to customers looking for car repairs after an accident. And if you are successful in offering best services to the customer, they will return to you even for non-accident repairs.   

# 5
Shine as an expert

Promote your businesses’ name as an industry expert. You can also promote your own name as a subject expert. Publish blogs, reviews and expert comments on your website or other blogs related to automotive subjects your target customers may be interested in, do share more and more on social media platforms and become an active blogger. If you run a car service center, let your target customers know that you are an expert and you know all the latest techniques and practices for best car repairs and service.

# 6
Be Accessible

Let your target customers know more about your business firm by promoting your products, services and offerings through online and offline modes. Hoardings, signboards, leaflets, brochure, leaflets, newspapers advertisements and other shareable printed materials are just one way to promote your businesses’ name. Ensure that every advertisement campaign clearly displays your contact number, email-id and business address. Be attentive while attending your customer’s calls and replying to their email enquiries. Keep a track of everything and have regular follow ups.  

# 7

If you get an opportunity to be a sponsor in any local invent, game or any social cause, move ahead and become a sponsor. This will give you an opportunity to promote your brand’s name and let more and more people know about your business offerings. However, you must be very careful while choosing the event to sponsor. For example, sponsoring a racing event or free car check-up/service camp would be better than sponsoring a local school event.

# 8
Brand Presence

Spend some money to accessorize and customize goodies to distribute to your customers. Whether it is a t-shirt, coffee mug, floor mats, key chains, air fresheners, seat covers or even a license plate holder, let your brand’s logo be present everywhere and give these accessories to your customers as freebies or as a thanks gift. They would love to use them in their car and in-return your brand name will be promoted for free.   

# 9
Bundle Offers

Bundled offers have always been a successful plan to attract new customers. Sit with the marketing team and prepare customized service packages with bundled offers for your target customers. The more you will offer, the more you can get in-return. For example, if a car wash business offers a free wash when the customer chooses bi-monthly wash package, the chances of getting the business increases automatically. Or the same business can also offer free polishing with every car wash. Similar bundle offers can be prepared for every automotive business.

# 10
Customer Relationship Management

Lastly, you should a have a sound customer relationship management plan. Remember, an existing customer can always bring new customers for your business. New customers mean new business and ultimately it means more earnings and revenue. This is why; you must work on developing and maintaining good relationships with your existing customers. You can do the same through traditional ways and also integrating any advanced CRM software at your working base. It won’t cost you a lot.

Do you have any other point to add on our list? Do share it in the comment section below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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