1,000 HP Ford GT X1 TT on sale for 450,000 USD

A modified Ford GT X1 has been listed on duPontRegistry with an asking price of an astounding 450,000 USD.

Ford had produced 4,038 units of the modern GT and an additional 30 cars were made by Ford-authorized coachbuilder Genaddi Design Group. These special cars had received the X1 designation and now one of them is put up on sale on the website.

However the thing to be noted about this model is that it’s not a stock GT X1 as the vehicle was modified by Rich Brooks from the The GT Guy LLC in Michigan. In terms of modification the tuner had installed a twin-turbo kit and transformed it into the GT X1 TT outputting no less than 1,000 HP (735 kW). It was then handed over to prototype and launch engineer Kip Ewing who installed several carbon fiber trim components as well on the model.

Another notable point about the model is that the 2006 Ford GT X1 TT has been driven for just 3,700 miles (5,954 km) which we can say is not much driven and so the price that the owner is demanding is 450,000 USD.

Have a look at picture gallery.

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