1964 Ford Fairlane sells for $700,000 to benefit charity at Barrett-Jackson

The most wanted car at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas this weekend was the 1964 Ford Fairlane, which has been sold for the amazing price of $700,000. More stunning is the fact that all the proceeds will be going to charity.

This car was originally constructed by Rousch Industries as a promotional vehicle for the auction company, and now all the profit its gained will go to the Armed Forces Foundation.

The Fairlane is powerer by a 522 horsepower 427 V8 attached to a Tremec five speed transmission, and it has never been tested before. According to the sellers, all the mileage currently on the car came from loading and unloading the car for display purposes.

But the most extraordinary thing about all this purchase is the fact that the buyer Ron Pratte, a very well known customer of the Barrett-Jackson auction isn’t going to use the car either, thus it will remain untouched. He donated the car back to the company in order to be auctioned again for charity at their Scottsdale auction in January.
Nice to know things so valuable like this car remain with their value without being spoiled, and that there are people generous enough to donate $700,000 twice for charity.

Source: Jalopnik

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