2011 BMW M3 E92 by IND Distribution is stunner of a car

If you see a car getting tuned but yet falling way below the expectations don’t get surprised. It’s something we have got used to with so many failures around. Sometimes, the tuners go for something that is not feasible for them. That is when they get it all wrong and they totally make a mess out of it. They should approach a car keeping in mind what they can actually do a lot more to the car than what the manufacturer has been able to achieve as well as what is practically possible. They should start with small targets which they can really achieve.

Now you wouldn’t expect a tuning firm like IND Distribution to make this kind of an error in their project. They have been in this business since ages and exactly know what the right thing is at the right situation. They sure know how to turn the tables for a car and make a car look the best. After all these years in the auto tuning market they are a cut above the rest. They would not make any mistake that most other companies will with regard to a car. So with this vast experience at their helm when they were approached by an auto lover named Martin D. to turn the BMW M3 E92 into what possibly is the best for the car IND Distribution took up the challenge.

The result is out there right in front of you. IND Distribution has passed the test in flying colors and they have produced something majestic which makes words fall short. They have added exterior and interior modifications to the car, introduced new parts, and upgraded some of the parts. The end product, the total package has made its mark on the BMW M3 E92 and has done wonders to it.

Check it out for yourself and you would surely come to know that none of this is something made up or exaggerated. You’d be as stunned as we were looking at the very car.

Source: topspeed

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  1. BMWs only look distinct after getting tuned. In plain part all the BMWs are almost the same…..

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