2011 BMW M3 GTS from G-Power makes it a 911 competitor

Amongst all the M3 models that we have seen till date, it is the BMW M3 GTS that is no doubt the most impressive one so far. The car has aerodynamic parts made up of carbon which makes the car lightweight. There is the exhaust made up of titanium while the car has racing suspension as well as roll cage and racing bucket seats for six point seat belts. The one important factor that was missing in the car otherwise was a matching power output which is being corrected by the German tuner G-power.

A specially adapted version of the G-Power SKII CS supercharger system is being prepared for the BMW M3 GTS. This, the tuner mentions would increase the power output of the GTS from the present 450 hp to the range of 600’s. Porsche 911 GT3 RS would thereafter get a contender for power rating after this modification is done on the BMW GTS. The present acceleration factor of the BMW GTS 4.4 seconds for the 0 to 60 mph rush and top speeds are 189 mph. The technology behind the kit has not been revealed by G-Power. They have however mentioned that there would be two more upgrades in time.

Source: topspeed

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