2011 Ford Mustang GT pitted against the 2011 BMW M3 Coupe

A race to the finish is always more exciting when it means that the one which finishes first and the fastest is going to be also adjudged the better machine. Sharing these facts and figures with readers is also a welcome change. The race to be discussed here was the one in which a 2011 Ford Mustang GT was pitted against a 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. The race was conducted by speed chasers of the Motor Trend people. Their attempt was to compare the models while engaged in a drag race.

A 302 cubic inch, 32 valve V8 was fitted on the 2011 Mustang GT which delivers 412 HP and 390 lb ft of torque. On the other hand the M3 coupe had a 4.0 liter V8 engine that delivered 414 hp. The model though has a Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT) system which is also the one which is fitted on the BMW M. This helps in lowering the acceleration time of the M3 for a 0-60 mph sprint to 4.5 seconds from its standard 4.7 seconds.

There is also a video which may help in deciding which model of the two would be better suited to ones needs and dreams.

Source: topspeed

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