2011 Lexus CT 200h to include four drive modes

The 2011 Lexus CT 200h has not lived up to expectations both by way of looks as well as its performance statistics. It does not seem to be the car that would make people rush to get behind its wheels. The car makers have also announced about four driving modes that have been added to the list of bland features of the car though that too has failed to increase interest upon the car as such.

The four modes of driving are the sport mode which is the most expected and standard mode for this car. Then there is the EV, eco and normal drive modes which are meant to utilize the hybrid technology that this car is based upon. These modes also exploit the fuel economy feature of this car. In the EV mode the CT200h can run for one mile at speed below 25 kmph in all electric power driven setting. This does not cater for urban driving at all and can only be considered useful when cruising towards the parking spot.

In the Eco mode however the car does have some special features that help the burden on the engine to be reduced. The Air conditioning of the car is lowered and the throttle is also adjusted to cater for over aggressive driver inputs.

In the sport mode the car endeavors to let go its complete self, the throttles are sharpened and the revs are held at higher numbers while shifting as well making less intrusion from the stability and traction control systems. This allows for a little attitude.

There is necessity to get behind the wheels of the CT 200h to experience its true characteristics. But it is also better to wait till the actual date when the car would be available with the retailers which is early 2011.

Source: motorauthority

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