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2011 Mercedes-Benz S350: A New Revolution

Mercedes-Benz is going to add another high efficiency model to the line-up of S-class by introducing the European based S350 diesel in the US markets in the year of 2011. S350 is the first Sedan that will be introduced along with the feature of diesel in United States, next year.  It will be accessible in the US markets along with all 4MATIC wheel drive. After this, many other models like R350, 2011 ML350, E350 and GL350 will use the similar kind of turbo-diesel. It is the fact that S350 will be more efficient than the gutsy S600 and S550. It is also possible that S350 can be more efficient than the hybrid S400. This is because of the fact that S350 will heap more torque than S600, S550 and even hybrid S400. Mercedes have ensured that European based S350 will take just only 7.8 Sec for reaching the speed of 62 miles per hour. Mercedes have mentioned that they will not disclose the price of this amazing 2011 Mercedes-Benz S350 until its final launching in the markets of United States. So, it is not confirmed that whether its price will be in the range of other S-class Mercedes or different.


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