The new 2011 Motion 427 & 454 Camaros

The Chevrolet Camaro has turned to be an instant hit amongst tuners ever since its launch. Baldwin Motion and Redline Motorsports have been the latest tuning companies to announce some new packages for the Chevrolet Camaro. The most impressive packages being the 2011 SS and Phase III Camaro. This package upgrades the engine output to 800 hp (427-SC Supercar). There are two other packages named 427 and 454 all of which deal with engine upgrades.

The 2011 SS & Phase III package upgrades the engine statistics by using a 2.8 liter Twin-Screw supercharger system along with a eight-rib supercharger drive assembly, unique block, 4.125 inch bore, pressed-in liners, forged 2618 Aluminum 9.3-to-1 pistons, forged 6.125-inch H-Beam Steel connecting rods, forged 4.00-inch stroke steel crankshaft, race-prepped CNC-ported aluminum heads, custom Redline R3-SC Blower camshaft, ATI/Redline damper, high-efficiency tubular exhaust system and an upgraded TR6060 six speed manual transmission.

The total number of packages that one can select from are five and they are SS-427 (525 HP), Phase III 427 (600 HP), SS-454 (550 HP), PHASE III 454 (625 HP Torque Monster!) and PHASE III 427-SC (800 HP Supercharged Supercar).

Source: topspeed

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