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2012 Aston Martin Virage Exterior

A while back we covered the 2012 Aston Martin Virage, summarizing all there was to know in one article (you can read it here: https://www.speedlux.com/2012-aston-martin-virage-2/). We want to do it again, but this time describing the exterior design, interior design, and technical specifications in separate articles, giving more details (you can read them here: https://www.speedlux.com/2012-aston-martin-virage-interior



In this article you’ll only find information about the Virage’s Exterior design.

You can tell the 2012 Virage is an Aston Martin from miles away. It’s dripping sex-appeal and aggressiveness that reflect its amazing character and power.

The front fascia blends in perfectly with the rest of the car, and the long-drawn headlights give the car its “beast” look. It’s on the sides and rear where this look is combined with the “soft beauty”, a combination which Aston Martin has been using for some time (and they have been rather successful with it, in my opinion).

The rear is low and wide. The rear lights are now white when they’re off, and give the supercar a gentle look, that contrasts with the front. There are two round exhausts placed symmetrically halfway between the center and the sides. The C-pillar merges beautifully with the rear, creating an aerodynamic look.

The large 20-inch wheels add aggressiveness to the car and give the high-performance impression (which, you’ll see in articles to come, is confirmed).

The lateral windows are rather small, and the rear ones barely exist. That’s not bad, though, as the aerodynamics are improved by using this shape.

We could probably have summarized this entire article in one sentence: “It’s an Aston Martin”. In my opinion, the exterior is what the British from Aston do best, but, as we will demonstrate hereinafter, is not everything there is to know about this car.

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