2012 BMW 1 Series Performance Accessories: Official Specs and Photos

As some of you might know, at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the Bavarian company, BMW will introduce a range of new M-design performance accessories for the new 1-Series.

We’ve already seen some leaked photos, but now we have the official details and images.

While it include sportier looking bumpers, carbon fiber door mirrors, restyled side sills, unique 19 inch alloy wheels, a sport steering wheel with carbon fiber, Alcantara trim and three-dimensionally profiled floor mats inside the cabin, the range of 2012 BMW 1 Series Performance Accessories is characterized by outstanding quality and designed in order to meet the highest safety standards. In addition to all these comes an upgraded braking system and a stiffer suspension, making this car even safer and more stable.

Apart from these components, the German brand will also offers engine upgrade programs for the 1 Series and the 3 Series. These aftermarket products have been specially designed for a member of the latest generation of inline six-cylinder engines powering the BMW 135i Coupe, the BMW 135i Convertible, the BMW 335i Sedan, the BMW 335i Touring, the BMW 335i Coupe and the BMW 335i Convertible. This kit consists of a modified engine management system which increase the output on the 3.0-litre unit by 20 HP (15 kW) 20 Nm of torque to 326 HP (240 kW) and 450 Nm. 

Finally, as a reminder, the new range of accessories will also address the BMW X5 M and X6 M, for which the automaker will offer new double-spoke design 21 inch light alloy wheels, a carbon front splitter and a black front grille.

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