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2013 Ferrari 458 Spider by A. Kahn Design

Well known tuner A. Kahn Design has recently released quite a few pictures of the latest Ferrari 458 Spider treated with their special aftermarket touch. The tuner had first released their tuning program based on a Ferrari 458 Spider late last year.

The tuner decided to take it back a notch from their regular tuning jobs for this 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider in baby blue color because they believe that there is simply no reason to customise a car so much which is already near perfect.

As a result, the only real changes are limited to lowered suspension, some matte black detailing at the rear of the car, as well as black paint calipers and of course, the Monza forged alloy wheels. However the tuner will customize the interiors at the request of the customer with any color combination that can be imagined.

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