2013 Festivals of Speed Amelia Island

The first of the five events of 2013 Festivals of Speed started with a bang in Amelia Island recently. The event showcases the best in automotive among other luxury detailing associated with luxury and sports cars.

Some of the finest luxury cars that participated in the event were Bugatti Veyron, Ariel Atom V8, Ferrari F430, Aston Martin DB9 Volante, etc. to name a few. There were also some of the vintage cars, race cars from different eras that participated in the event.

The event headed by Joe Sabatini is held across five places throughout the year. It starts with Amelia Island in March, St. Petersburg in April, Mission Inn Resort & Club in Lake County in May, Miami in October and finally Orlando in December.

As per the above schedule, the next event will be held in St. Petersburg on April 7, 2013 and it is also expected to be full of luxury cars as the current one.

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