2013 Lexus GS 450h – Review

Inheriting the 2011 GS, the new 2013 GS 450h is heavier (4,190 LBS), and although it has a lesser acceleration than the 2011 model (5.6 seconds to 60 mph), the fuel efficiency is 35% better (now reaching 31 mpg combined). The top speed is 131 mph, with the power being transmitted to the rear-wheel drive system through a six-speed manual transmission. There are 5 seats available, arranged in a 2+3 system.

The buyer can choose whether or not their car will be powered by a hybrid engin. The hybrid version displaces 3.5 liters, and now runs on the Atkinson cycle (thus giving the car a better fuel economy). It delivers 338 horsepower. The non-hybrid one has an output of 306 horsepower. The hybrid controller has been enhanced for better cooling and efficiency. The electric engines are a great source of extra torque for the new GS.

The hybrid battery pack has been rearranged so that there is more trunk space (13.2 cubic feet, 2.6 more than in the previous model). The maximum voltage is 500 in eco mode, and 650 in Sport mode. Word is, there will even be a Sport-Plus mode in the hybrid, which will stiffen the shocks and give more aggressive throttle response.

Lexus will release information about the cost price in March, one month before the car goes on sale.

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