2015 Aston Martin Lagonda Official Pictures Released

Aston Martin is launching its highly anticipated sedan in 2015. The official pictures released today have made the fans even more impatient. The ultra-luxurious sedan is class apart from the first look in the official pictures. The all new Lagonda is under-production and will be sold in selected markets especially in Middle East only. The makers have revived the Lagonda after 25 years and will produce only limited numbers.

First impressions justify the reason it is caller super saloon. The expert eyes tell the tales of nameplate revival, digital engine management and light-weight aluminum architecture. Going by the previous editions wearing the Lagonda name, launched in 1976 and manufactured up to 1990, the range is an amazing hand-build engineering marvel.

From elegant LED front and rear lights to six-speed ZF automatic gearbox, the car reaches 175 miles per hour in testing. The beautifully crafted cabin is a delight and the luxurious interiors add to the lavish look. Not everything is revealed in the official pictures and there are still few additional features expected in the 2015 Lagonda.

The sedan’s costs and other specifications are a still a mystery, but it will be costly as per the previous models. Given that Lagonda is visually stunning and is designed to give high levels of performance, the model will be anticipated even more.

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