2016 Ford Mustang recalled due to seat belts, Ford Edge for fuel leaks

Ford is now recalling 112,601 autos in three separate U.S. actions on present week, amongst them the 2016 Ford Mustang for seat belts that might have been ruined throughout shipping, the company stated.

Particular 2016 Mustangs have safety belt and also child-seat anchors that may have been ruined en route prior to final assembly at Flat Stone, meaning that they could not do up to snuff when they’re actually required. Suppliers will change all the belts, assemblies, back fastenings, and also back anchors on 1900 autos, the majority of which are resting on supplier lots, as they were developed less than a month earlier.

The huge majority of automobiles in these recalls are accounted for by 110,636 Ford Edge and also Lincoln MKX crossovers from 2009– 2010 that have gas tanks that could leak. Reinforcement brackets that place the fuel tank to the framework may corrosion, which could perhaps cause a leak or a check-engine light to light up. Because this is a corrosion-related recall, Ford is enabled to restrict repair services to cars that were ever registered in 21 “salt belt” states. Dealers will certainly make repair works or replace the entire container.

Lastly, there are 65 E-series cutaway as well as body taxicabs from version year 2016 with faulty trailer brake controllers that won’t apply the trailer brakes. Dealers will upgrade the software.

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