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2018 BMW Z5 spy photos

2018 BMW Z5 Spotted Snow Drifting

This is not the first time the next generation Z roadster from the German automaker is spotted. It has been spotted several times but this time, the car is spotted doing some donuts in the snow. The spy photographers who shot video of the car somehow managed to get himself pretty close to a secluded complex BMW is using to test out some of its new model prototypes.

As can be seen in the video, the driver who is testing the car is trying to see how the BMW Z5 roadster handles low grip, hard acceleration. Such a test is only possible if carried out in a confined track which the public has no access to. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that this is the method every automaker uses to push their sporty model prototypes to the boundaries prior to releasing them eventually.

Watching the Z5 drifting in the snow gives us an idea of how the car sounds. To tell the truth, in spite of the turbocharged engine it has under its hood, the Germany roadster sounds pretty nicely. This proves that powerful engines do not always have to be loud and noisy. If that is not enough to attract your car enthusiastic ears, consider the pleasant exhaust note from its inline 6-cylinder engine.

One very notable shift from the previous Z4, however, is that BMW is seemingly shifting from a hard metal roof to a soft top. This was similar to what the Z3 used and the Z3 came out about two decades ago. Then again, in BMW’s defense, the soft top makes it possible for the company employees to experiment with different A-pillars and windshield inclination. In turn, drivers may benefit from a more engaging drive and the so-called ‘Cabrio feeling’.

The 2018 BMW Z5 roadster is reportedly being built in collaboration with one of the most capable Japanese automakers, Toyota.

2018 BMW Z5 spy photos

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