£300k Ferrari 488 GTB supercar found smashed in field

Ferrari 488 GTB crashed

A blue Ferrari 488 GTB was discovered smashed up in the middle of a grassy field in Outlane, UK, and obviously nobody knows how it arrived.

In photos shared by The Sun, it appears as if the 488 GTB smashed off a road, through a fence and some bushes, and came to a stop in the field. It’s uncertain how extreme the damage was that the Ferrari managed, but the car needs at lease a right-side mirror, front right fender, front bumper, and most likely a lot more other pieces. It’s uncertain when the 488 GTB in fact ended up in the lot.

In case it’s not apparent, a £300,000 ($388,830) supercar-like this Ferrari-usually aren’t crafted for off-road adventures.

Regrettably, it appears this Ferrari 488 GTB might have paid the ultimate cost.

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