370Z Is Not So Important For Nissan Motors

Nissan 370Z pictures

For the New York International Auto Show, Nissan flaunted the 370Z Heritage Edition, which commemorates the 240Z’s 50th birthday 2 years early. The Heritage Edition is bit more than a look plan for the aging 370Z, and it does not seem like Nissan has any higher ambitions for the Z. To be more exact, Nissan apparently doesn’t have definitive preparation for a successor.

During an interview with AutoGuide, Christian Meunier, VP for sales and marketing at Nissan North American, told that the Z’s future is seriously in doubt.

“The 370Z is not a priority for us,” stated Meunier. He included that he “[hopes] we can make a successor,” however that certainly does not seem like Nissan is committed to developing it. This runs contrary to former reports from 2015 that said Nissan was seriously dealing with a new Z.

Nissan isn’t really quitting on performance automobiles completely, though. “The GT-R is a halo car, so we need to continue to make that car,” Meunier stated.

On one hand, deserting the Z makes sense for Nissan, since budget friendly rear-wheel drive sports coupes don’t sell too well– simply take a look at the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ and Hyundai Genesis Coupe for evidence. Meanwhile, the initial Datsun 240Z and its followers helped develop Nissan as a major player in the United States market back in the 1970s. By ignoring the Z, Nissan is turning its back on an essential chapter in its history.

Consumers will at least have the GT-R for the foreseeable future.

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