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Adrian Flux Launches First Driverless Car Policy

Adrian Flux, an insurer in the U.K., has launched exactly what it calls a “driverless car insurance policy” that may clarify how self-driving vehicles are covered in the future.

“We comprehend this driverless policy to be the first of its kind in the U.K.– and potentially the world,” Gerry Bucke, general manager of Adrian Flux, said in a news release. They describes it as a common insurance plan with some bonus.

On its site, Adrian Flux states the driverless automobile policy is planned for motorists who have or are considering purchasing a vehicle with autonomous functions. The plan covers everything from getting your car hacked to an operating system fault and satellite interruption impacting the navigation system. Drivers are also covered for loss or damage triggered by a failure to by hand override the autonomous system in the case of a mechanical failure.

Adrian Flux also attempts to address the most important concern impacting insurance and self-driving vehicles: who is liable in the event of a mishap? It depends on the condition of the automobile, the driver’s level of awareness, roadway conditions, and other automobiles involved, the firm states. Consumers may not bear any duty if the driverless technology has not worked. Drivers are on the hook for setting up all essential software application on their vehicles, although they’ll be covered if something takes place throughout the very first 24 hours of being notified of the change.

It’s not clear how much the policy would cost different motorists, although they are likely to see cost savings. “We already supply discount rates for automobiles fitted with assistive technology such as self-driving braking as it has actually been shown to decrease mishaps, and for that reason insurance claims. This is a natural continuation of the work that’s currently entered into this area,” Bucke stated.

Adrian Flux states the policy will change as driverless vehicles evolve.

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