The all new 2012 BMW 1-Series: here are the official specs and details

The internet had been abuzz with the 1-Series Hatchback from BMW. Images of the car had been flooding the net and it was only just a matter of time BMW came out with the official pictures to augment that which ranted the net. The model that the company has brought in has a sportier look while also being larger in size. However, the 1-Series which will form the entry level car from BMW sports a design with a somewhat controversial touch no doubt. Another salient feature of the 1-Series is that it is the first to come fitted with the new line of 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engines with up to 170HP on tap.

As of now BMW has only come up with their five-door hatchback model. With time however it is sure the range would grow on to include the three door hatchback too as well as the coupe and the cabriolet. Then there are also rumors doing the rounds about BMW coming up with a longer and more spacious Gran Turismo version in the likes of the 3-Series GT.

Codenamed F20, the second iteration of the 1-Series shares its platform with the F30 3-series. The overall dimension of the five door hatch is 4,324 mm or 170.2 inches, which is 85 mm or 3.3 inch longer than the previous version. The wheel base is also wider by 30 mm so that it now stands at 2,690 mm or 105.9 in. The overall width of the car is 1,765 mm or 69.5 inches, and that makes it wider by 17 mm from its predecessor. This is due to the increase in the track by 51 mm at the front and 72 mm at the rear. The height at 1,421 mm or 55.9 inch though remains the same as that of the previous models. Leg room for rear passengers have stretched by 21 mm while luggage space is more by 30 liter and now stands at 360 liters or 12.7 cubic feet.

Essentially a Adrian van Hooydonk creation, the chief designer at BMW has based the design of this model on the outgoing one albeit with a sharper look as well as more dramatic effects added specially to the front end. As such, one gets to see larger headlamps that stretch all the way to the wheel arches.

The interior of the model too have been done up more on an evolutionary line rather than adopting a revolutionary approach. There is a large center console as well as fresh switchgear and the steering wheel has an all new design to it. The material that has been used as per BMW is of a higher grade and they have also paid a lot of attention to details. The latest iDrive system has been included as an option and this allows for a retractable screen on top of the dashboard.

For engine BMW have fitted the series with a smaller displacement, turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. The new engine has been in the development for quite some time now and its good to see it finally seeing application. For technical specifications it is a 1.6 liter unit with TwinPower Turbo and direct injection technology and will be available at first in two states of tune delivering 136 hp and 220 Nm (162.3 lb-ft) in the 116i and 170 hp and 250 Nm (184.4 lb-ft) in the 118i.

There is also good news for diesel enthusiasts for they have the redesigned 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder delivering 116 hp in the 116d, 143 hp in the 118d and 184 hp in the 120d of the small BMW with power delivered to the rear set of wheels. There is also news about BMW coming up with a 116d EfficientDynamics Edition equipped with a 116 hp 1.6 liter diesel engine that will feature additional fuel saving technologies. All these will help keep CO2 emissions over the EU testing cycle down to just 99 g/km.

It is also heard that BMW would be coming up with a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine capable of around 240 hp for their 128i replacing the current 130i that comes with a 3.0 liter straight six engine capable of 258 hp. Confirmation on the straight six engine being fitted on their 1-series is yet to come from BMW.

For transmission it is the six speed manual gearbox that BMW would be fitting on all their cars with the 8 speed automatic transmission system being offered as an option replacing the earlier 6 speed auto box.

Source: carscoop

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