The all new Range Rover Evoque make a superb style statement in Paris

Even though the new Range Rover Evoque made its official world debut at the Paris Auto Show, the vehicle has been in knowledge of its fans much earlier than the show.

RangeRover had in fact hired four artists to ensure the feeling of liveliness and cheerful joy that hit the fashion capital of the world continues to flow unabated. Each of these four artists has brought into existence a wire frame model of the Evoque. The wire frame model makes the car’ s strengths more visible and prominent. Range Rover has placed these wire frame models in front of the centre pompidou and palais de Tokyo which are the landmarks in Paris.

The Evoque’ s launch party was being held at Seine. The four pieces were moved by a boat along the Seine River, while in the mean time, the celebration of the unveiling continued to take place at the location. A sneak peek of the event is available in this video, which lets you discover the actual unveiling along with a look at the celebrities participating in the event. The video is worth a few minutes of your time even though it is not a superstar video.

Both models are likely to go on sale in fall of 2011. Both three and five door body types will be offered in the new Evoque. Similarly, the vehicle will also be available in 4WD and 2WD versions. A new 2.0-liter Si4 turbocharged engine are some of the under the hood attractions. The 2.0 L Si4 engine is an aggregation of direct fuel injection and twin variable valve timing technologies.

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