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Anhui, China

Anhui sees major growth of new energy vehicle production in first quarter

Production of new energy vehicles (NEVs) in east China’s Anhui Province increased by 3.3 times year on year to 39,000 units in the first quarter of 2021, officials said Saturday.

Among them, the U.S.-listed NIO produced 20,060 units, increasing 423 percent year on year. It is the first time for the company to surpass a quarterly production of 20,000 units, according to the provincial department of economy and information technology.

The Chery Automobile produced 14,100 NEVs from January to March, increasing 405 percent year on year.

With automaking as a pillar industry, Anhui has almost 1,000 major companies, or those with a yearly turnover of at least 20 million yuan ($3 million), engaged in the automotive industry.

The rising NEV production came amid government push and increasing market enthusiasm for eco-friendly vehicles. In November last year, China unveiled a development plan for its NEV industry from 2021 to 2035 that aims to speed up the country’s transition into an automotive powerhouse.

China will promote the high-quality development of NEVs by innovating the integration of technologies such as electrification and intelligent networking, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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