Aston Martin to Raise Funds for New Vehicle Lineups

One of the most established automakers from the Great Britain, Aston Martin, is reportedly working on new vehicle lineups which include crossovers. It is not like the company is having financial difficulty whatsoever. However, for some reasons, it is currently trying to raise some funds to help it build its future vehicle lineups.

If reports out there are to be believed, the luxury British car manufacturer is trying to offer a diverse set of new bonds and shares as it tries to extend its recovery strategy. The company seems to be planning to extend the said strategy for up to three years, to 2020. Along in the process, the company is also expecting to come up with a new crossover SUV, which will be made available to the public along with the company’s hybrid vehicle models as well as its luxury sedans.

The company is expecting to raise a total fund of $234 million, which will help the company see itself produces no less than ten thousand units of vehicles per year. As a comparison, the company only produced up to 4,200 units of vehicles last year. Besides helping it build future vehicles, it turns out that the fund will also help the company clear its debts, which is in the range of a few million dollars.

Speaking of the future Aston Martin models, the company is known to be prepping the next generation DB9. The car will seemingly be based on the company’s new DB10 for its visual styling. It is also believed that the new DB9 will become the very first Aston Martin vehicle that is powered by the AMG engine from Mercedes-Benz.

Yet, as for the future crossover that may well be underway, the company is going to give out official information on it when the 2015 Geneva Motor Show event starts. For now, the company hopes that it will have gained profits by the year 2017.

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